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DVS Found Guilty of Rape

DVS is behind bars again, this time for something that has caused outrage! We woke today to hear DVS aka Courtney Hutchinson has pleaded guilty to rape and torture charges. DVS has also been found with this evidence filmed on his phone, where the victim was filmed being whipped with electrical cords and burnt with an iron. She was also stabbed in the hand, kicked and punched and left with chunks of her hair missing.

DJ faces life term for torture and rape of woman – Court News UK

A DJ is facing a life sentence for the brutal rape and torture of a young woman. Courtney Hutchinson, 31, filmed part of the horrific ordeal at his flat near City Airport in the Docklands on his phone.

Courtney Hutchinson Convicted of Rape

The victim, a 17 year old also had her phone and sim card stolen and broken. She was too scared to leave his flat due to the abuse she had sustained. He has pleaded guilty and the fact he had it filmed at his flat is enough information against him..


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  1. This is not the first time he has beat or raped a young girl, he’s already on the Sex Offenders list for beating and forcing two brothers to have anal sex, which he served a prison sentence for when he was younger, but yet he is glorified. Well done to the young lady in question for being so brave and reporting him.

  2. I hope they do the same to him in prison. Little shit. You mother and daughter will know what demon you are. I hope you daughter see you as the scum you are.

  3. Finally after all these years he get’s what he deserves. A real wicked boy, doesn’t even deserve to be called a man.
    Rape 1 of many, glad someone finally decided to say something after all these years and hope all he’s prior victims can breathe a sigh of relief that this evil will final be behind bars.

  4. Ppl need to find out the facts before the start flapping he did what he did (torture) because the girl had a big mouth an told ppl about things she was holding for dvs which went missing some ppl didn’t believe dvs so he had to prove he had nothing to do with what went missin as for the rape I cannot speak on that as considering the situation it would b easy to lie when u no u got someone robbed and need to save your life

    1. listen if that is the truth it is dvs fault. He was 28 when he drawed a 17 year old. He is pathetic pervert who cannot get girls his own age. Young girls act stupid and have big mouths if he wasnt a pervert he wouldnt of got into this problem the guy is pure waste. It wasnt the first time he beat a chick either

    2. It’s idiots like u that try to justify something that speaks for its self. If it was ur mum or sister let’s see if ur gonna explaining as if why he did it matters. Sounds like they need to lock u up to.

  5. He is a prick loool I Hurd he has tried to top himself multiple times in dare, the mugs on suicide watch. Hope the brothers get him

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