This Is Dice

This Is Dice


$400 Mill Deal

Soulja Boy last week tweeted that he had signed a $400 mil deal and everyone was asking with who. Many doubted and wanted to know more information about this supposed $400 mil. Well it has been revealed that the deal does exist even if it does seem suspicious.

Soulja and Poker

A statement was released yesterday from the World Poker Fund who back up these claims, many thought it was just a publicity stunt.  Still seems weird why a company would pay such a large sum of money to Soulja Boy, but they think it will be a sound investment in the artist. The company claims he is ‘one of the most influential urban artists of today’  Soulja Boy will be required to promote the company to the best of his ability and they want to see the impact of his influence. Either way  Looks like Soulja Boy has a good fan base and will be climbing that forbes list in 2016…

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