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Wretch 32 releases ‘Antwi’

Antwi is an emotionally charged tune showing his respect to music lawyer Richard Antwi. Richard Antwi was a respected music lawyer and chief executive, and is responsible for bringing many artists to the public eye. Wretch has spoken previously about his admiration Mr Antwi and he has shown how affected he is by the loss. Research on their relationship shows Richard Antwi was involved in Wretch’s first deal and heavily involved in his earlier successes. This video demands empathy with good visuals forcing you to feel the emotion.

The message on this video is something that needs to be heard and once again shows the difference in lyrical skills from Wretch. Wretch shows his level of consciousness, which he has always done. Wretch has an impressive portfolio including his previous Fire in the Booth with Avelino. I think we are seeing a difference in Wretch forming part of his image as a more responsible artist and we look forward to his upcoming project.

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