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This Is Dice


Yungen Drops A New Visual

Yungen is eager to tell his side of the story days after getting robbed for his nandos. Yungen drops a new visual called away games. Honestly speaking the boy spits fire! Although he acknowledges he had to run away from “hulk and his friends” , Yungen clearly feels he hasn’t lost any street credibility.

Hmmm! We will be the judge of that! Check out away games below:

Apparently Yungen circled back with a gang after buying more nandos. To bad the cameras weren’t rolling that time. Nonetheless he makes it clear that the lyrical feud between himself and chip is played out.

I think we can expect an onslaught of visuals from Yungen as he aims to redeem himself. We ain’t complaining though. Looking forward to some more heat soon.

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